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Congratulations for chosing ~ or being chosen ~ by this card! It is a powerful one, on many levels. It will be interesting to know what you will make of it.


By purchasing this option of card & session, you will be able to see the original, digital artwork and read the message that was given to be shared with it, as well as set up an exchange with me as to how this card reflects your journey.


The exchange can be via email or during a 30 - 45 minute face-to-face session on zoom, as you prefer.




A little note as well on how this works: once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to the artwork and a password to unlock it.


Any other questions, feel free to contact me. 💮

02 ~ card & session

  • The second card, the unexpected card. It landed in December 2023 and was very insistent that yes, it was for that month, and not for January.

    It hindsight, it was right.

    A very powerful card, all around.

  • non-refundable

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