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These individually crafted, unique cards carry messages of love, of spirituality, of mindfulness.


What is your messenger? Open yourself, and allow Universe to speak to you ...


Ready for an adventure?


You may chose your category, yet not which card. Pictures above are examples of how messengers present, and on placing the order, one will be sent to you. You won't know which message you receive, until it reaches you!


I will not chose which one you receive, either. I'll go by guidance and feeling and intuition ~ trust that the right messenger will be sent to you.



messengers ~ small

  • messengers ~ words given to flow, carried and accompanied by intuitive art

    each is unique, created for the sake of enjoying the act of creation, and then shared and send out into the world, to the one who is meant to receive this message, at this time

    felt tip pen on white (floppy) cardboard

    small = 10.5 x 7.5 cm


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