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times & fees

There are no set times for sessions, we will agree on these together. I am currently on Greenwich Mean Time, but entirely flexible. So even if you're in New Zealand or New Mexico, that's not a problem; I can work around time zones.

Each session is about 90 minutes long and develops uniquely, depending on what is active for you.

Sessions happen via zoom, which I am sure by now everyone knows. If not, don't worry - all you'll need to do is follow the link I'll send to you. Works on smartphones, too, if less well than on a computer.


I am currently offering several options for working with me, on a sliding scale, where you pay what feels aligned for you:


Single session                  =   85.00 € - 125.00 €

Bundle of three sessions = 242.00 € - 365.00 €

Bundle of five sessions    = 395.00 € - 595.00 €

Bundle sessions can be booked one per month or several per month; payment can be done monthly or all in one.

Please note: If you cannot afford any of the above but would like to work with me, there are pricing options available for people with low/no income and students. Please contact me directly to inquire about those.

what people say about working with me

That was a wonderful journey of experiences and clearing I think, thank you . I can feel my joy trying to get out again!!! Will definitely look to the things we uncovered and see where that leads me. I feel very excited for this part of my journey

Diane, England

I wanted to write and say thank you for the session on Monday.  I have been waiting to email you as I wanted to give our session time to integrate as much as I could this week during deep meditation so I could give you more precise feedback on changes realised following our time.


I'm not quite sure where the 90 minutes of time went but I took on board your comments and recommedations and have been working hard this week to follow your suggestions and they are working.  Previously during meditation I have been enjoying the higher chakras and above which, although a beautiful place I love to stay in, it leads me to feeling ungrounded during and sometimes after meditation.


Your suggestions for the lower chakras is working so much so that yesterday during meditation I was fully connected and breathing with the earth, there is intense activity in my lower body, warmth and vibration.  There is a slight movement in my face linked to the lower chakra so I know there is work still there to do and perhaps now is the time to address it rather than avoid!


During meditation it was too tempting early on not to enjoy the upper realms but I now have a way of bringing myself back safely and more balanced and the movement of the body to move the energy around the body has such benefit.

Michelle, England

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