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How I work

If I were to give myself a label, I'd go with highly empathic energy worker. I sense and feel things in the energy field around us, and in the energy field of the people I'm working with. Most often that translates to physical sensations such as tightness, tension, heat, tingling, etc.

From there I follow intuition and inner guidance in how to work with what I sense, letting the energy itself tell me what wants to happen.


In one-to-one sessions, for example, I will bring these areas of reaction into the client's awareness, and then support the person in working through whatever manifested, like unconscious beliefs, past trauma, and karma for instance.

joyous sparks in deep meditation

When working in and with groups, I simply notice and pay attention to what calls my awareness, feel into what it is that is manifesting, and allow the energy field to guide me in what wants to happen, how this tightness wants to be animated, how that tension wants to be moved and unravelled. And when I say "how it wants to be moved", I mean that literally: I move the physical body in response to what I feel of the energy. That can be gentle and soft, like a dance with a lightbeing. More often it is not, as energy that got stuck needs more oomph to get it unstuck, and there will be coughing and throwing the whole body around.

It may look ridiculous, but it is highly effective.

Even people who are not, themselves, empathic, can feel these shifts when they happen, which allows them in turn to work with what is activating for them.

Because ultimately, that is all I will ever do: I will hold the space for your inquiry and the inner work, I will support and guide you, with your permission I will even animate energies. I will, however, never, ever tell you what to do or how to be or "fix" anything for you. For there is nothing to be fixed and only the whole beauty of your true, unique Self to be uncovered and realised.

And that is what I call the healing dance.

You are so very welcome to join me.

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