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Hello, thank you for braving this unusal order format! It is a step into the unknown ...

Mostly thanks to the fact that setting up "proper" eCommerce is a hefty investment. So let's see how far we can get the unusual, unique way ...

If you wish to draw one of the Oracle cards, use the drop-down menu to the left for your choice.

If you wish to order a messenger, any messenger at all ~ small, medium, silent, etc. ~ please use the field to the right. Remember to include the following in your order:

  • type: small, medium or silent

  • category: love, spirituality or mindfulness

  • quantity: how many messengers (if multiple categories, also how many per category)

  • anything else you wish me to know, e.g. the recipient, the occasion .... what inspired you to ask for a messenger


Click continue to enter your invoice address (and shipping address)

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