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conscious clutter clearing


Everything in your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

Clutter is a manifestation of energy that got stuck.

Remove the internal blockage, the outer clutter will follow.

Remove the physical clutter in the external world, the internal world will shift.


conscious clutter clearing is the gentle, mindful approach that can help you through the process of clutter clearing, both in the external world and in the internal world. It can help uncover blockages, subconscious beliefs and habits, as well as fears - and it can help work through those, unravel them, overcome them. Animate the energy that got stuck, so that it can begin to move again, begin to flow. And in that flow the most magical thing of all can happen - the revelation of you.



It is an approach that looks at the emotions behind the stuff, the fears and blockages and unconscious patterns and beliefs that we carry with us, that can manifest as clutter in the external world. It is an approach that takes the seeming excuses of being too tired or not having the time seriously; an approach that will help you through the guilt of never starting. Or of giving up, physically and/or mentally exhausted, just as you finally do get started.

For none of these things mean that you are incompetent, lazy or a failure. They show you there is something more to be worked with than physical stuff.

Clutter clearing isn't just a physical activity. Our possessions, the things in our field mirror on the outside who we are on the inside. Everything we own carries a little bit of our identity, is a little bit a part of us. That is why clearing out our clutter is always, at one level, deep work with our own Self.

And, yeah, that can be super scary!

But no worries. You've come to the right place. Together we can find the way through your stuff, to the light at the end of the tunnel - to more space for life and the real, authentic You!

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  • gain crystal clarity about the underlying reason why you want to clear your clutter

  • get a feeling sense of your ideal living environment

  • confront inner blockages that stop you and work through them

  • deal with unconscious beliefs, fears, and behavioural patterns that block the process

  • work through emotional attachments and old identities

  • support in letting go (both of items and past selves)

  • support through the changes that clearing your clutter will bring to your life

  • facilitate the unveiling and realisation of the authentic You

If that sounds good to you and you'd like to book a session, or if you have any questions about the process or anything else: feel free to get in touch!

coaching & transformation

There are two ways to approach clearing your clutter consciusly, one in the external world and one in the internal world. And so, there are two types of session: the coaching session and the transformation session


This is the approach in the external world. We'll be looking at the practical aspects of clearing your clutter, how best to approach the process, develop your unique clutter clearing strategy and discuss tools that will help you through the process. This is the kind of session to book if you're ready to get down and dirty.

A coaching session is about 60 minutes and the price for one session is 65.00 €.

There is also a bundle of tree sessions available for 179.00 €.


This is the approach in the internal world. We'll be going inwards, to look at the underlying reasons for the clutter, at what blockages are in the way, what unconscious beliefs and behavioural patterns stop you from moving forward. This is the kind of session to book if you're ready to make real changes in your life.

A transformation session is about 90 minutes and the price for one session is 85.00 €.

There is also a bundle of three sessions available for 235.00 €.

For longer programmes available see programmes, and for information on the conscious clutter clearing course click on courses.

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