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Welcome to the OpenHeartSpace

As we progress along the spiritual path, we all feel, at times, as if we are alone with our journey. As if there is no one around to hear what we are saying, to understand where we are coming from, what we are experiencing. And even with those closest to us, friends, family, loved ones, we sometimes hold back, because we know - or believe - they will not understand.


And from that thought and feeling, the idea of the OpenHeartSpace was born. A space for people to come together, to connect, to share their journeys and be authentically themselves, no matter what. But not as part of a programme, or a retreat, or even a course. Simply a space for those who feel they want to connect with like-minded, open-hearted people.

This is the OpenHeartSpace. I look forward to connecting with all of you. ❤️

Time & Date

Always on the 3rd Saturday of the month

at 6pm UK time / 7pm European time / 1pm US East Coast time / 10am US WEst Coast time

Meetings usually last between 90 minutes and two hours, and it's perfectly all right to come late and and/or leave early.

Open Exchange

This is a free service, so there is no fee or anything, if you want to attend.

I accept donations, though, or an exchange of services (or goods! It's an open exchange!) or whatever feels right to you. This is not about following a programme or a set outline or anything like that. Follow your own sense of what feels right. And if that means donating once and then never again, that's absolutely fine!

Want to join?

You can let me know by using the contact form.

I'm still trying to figure out an automated, online sign-up system. Please bear with me, I'm not a technophile!

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