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meditation space


step into this sacred space

sit in stillness and breathe

feel inside and let

the flow of divine energies

heal and transform you

The meditation space is a safe, protective space, woven of healing and highly transformative energies. It is an open space for deep meditation, for connecting through the ether with other souls, as well as connecting deeply inside of yourself. It is created and supported by the energies of the healing dance, higherdimensional beings that are part of the benevolent mission to support the shift.

The meditation space is an entirely individual space ~ you will receive from the experience what you are ready to receive. The deeper you go, the more healing and transformation can happen. That does not mean you have to go deep ~ if you merely wish to sit in the energies for an hour or so and listen to music, you will be welcome.

You do not need any prior experience with meditation at all. There is no "right" way to be in this space ~ but there is an aligned way, and that is the way that is right for you. Sit and breathe, dance through your space, or relax and fall asleep, it is all allowed.

This is a zoom space, yes. However, there is no interaction in the 3D at all ~ cameras, microphones, chat, all are turned off. You will see my picture and hear music. That is all.

The invitation is to become still, go inside, and then feel into the energies. Connect through the ether.

If you resonate or feel curious to experience this sacred space for yourself, you are more than welcome to join.


At this time, the meditation space opens only once (or twice) a month. If interest increases, there will be more openings.

Each session is about 60 minutes long and is entirely free of charge.

That being said, the next meditation space opens on

no current dates!

taking a break and exploring new expressions of divine service ...

what people say

Dear Joy ,

I will vouch for your Presence . After so many days I felt myself sitting with you in meditation.

Megha, India

It was great coming on the meditation and it felt fantastic even with the tightness around my heart.  [...]  The music you chose was felt deeply moving.  So thank you so much for holding that much needed space.  I ended up reorganizing my room finally afterwards.  And I have a job interview tomorrow at a gift store where I have to use my creativity to create a display of their products so I was tapping into creativity in the meditation.  


I am so grateful for the support and connection, it definityly gives me hope and positive outlook to keep going.

Agnes, USA

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