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A beautiful, small, bound book, hardcover with gold finishing, that started out as an empty, unused notebook ~ now filled with 50 shards of light, my signature combination of intuitive art & small messages for inspiration, affirmation & meditation.


A gentle, uplifting companion on your journey that fits into every bookshelf ~ even those that aren't necessarily shelves. (Like suitcases)


Whether you use it as meditation guide with a word per week ~ including front and back pages we get to 52! ~ or as a small, upraising oracle to be opened at random with a message for you whenever you need a pick-me-up, or an inspiration, or some guidance through your day-to-day life ~ shards of light offers companionship, energy, and an infusion of light.


A gift to yourself or a loved one.




Since there was no space left in the book itself, I will add this here:


This little gem is dedicated with many thanks to Heather Mudie, who inspired its creation.


When looking at ~ and connecting with ~ a collection of my small messengers, she described them as "like little shards of light". The words felt like tiny sparks inside of me, like a resonance. I wanted to create something from that feeling. So I went home and got this little book out of my suitcase, got my felt tip pens, sat down, and started to let the energy flow.


This is the result.


I enjoyed the creative process, and am very grateful to Heather for that gift of inspiration. ❤️

book ~ shards of light

  • Bound little hardcover book, with elastic to close it, ribbon bookmark and an elastic loop to hold a writing utensil, small crystal or to attach a charm. And gold finishing on the front and back cover.

    Size 14.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm //  5.7 x 4.1 x 0.6 in

    It came to me as an empty notebook, and it's travelled with me around the world. So there are some scuff marks, yes ~ which gives this little gem the feeling of a treasure discovered in an old library, something that has been used by many souls over time. A little book of wisdom, cherished by many over time.


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