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follow the flow, follow the soul

follow the flow ~ yes, true, yet be mindful of where the flow is coming from ...


often, I have come to realise, when there is talk about following the flow, there is a sense, a frequency to the words that "The Flow" is something out there

something one needs to work to find ~ and then work to align with

yet the flow, the authentic flow ~ is the flow of the soul, and it is coming from inside

signs and synchronicities, as you watch them, are not signposts to tell you where to go they are mirrors, reflections ~ confirmations on whether you are flowing authentically with the soul ~ or not

they come after the fact, not before

so to flow with the soul is to flow with the Unknown

to flow with the soul is to go where fear is and tightness, to flow in ways and directions that have the potential to set you at odds with the world around you

and often the mind, the identity will wail and withdraw from that, fearful of the Unknown and feeling small and powerless when faced with challenges

yet take a look at the image I've used ~ the mind, the identity are like thin layers that veil the soul, maybe ~ but the soul is flowing



everything BUT small

the layers of mind, of identity cannot indefinitely hold the soul back ~ it will push and move forwards, the unstoppable stream for that is the nature of the soul

that is what it came here for ~ to follow its flow

so follow the flow, follow the soul ~ you are literally fulfilling your purpose

(and yes, the artwork is from my own following of the flow)

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