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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

It's been a while again since the last update. Every time there is a gap, I learn something new about the field and my perception of it. It's becoming clear to me that while the radar might be on, so to speak, all the time ~ taking the time to sit, collect myself and put words to what I am experiencing is a different kettle of fish.

Two different skill sets. I am finding that I a better at one than the other.

And I'm saying this here for all other sensitives, empaths, and intuitives to take on board ~ your sense of the energy field is one thing and likely comes naturally to you. Translating that sense into 3D concepts requires a more active, directed processing of your perceptions than the feeling of it.

Just something to keep in your awareness. 😊

Speaking of awareness, let's get into my sense of the flows in the energy field.

It has been quite fascinating to watch over the last week, the last days. A week ago I changed geographic location ~ and with that, my sense of the energy field changed quite a bit. For a good while, everything felt much lighter, open, softer.

That was in part due to me being in a different location, I believe. But I'm also aware that there was a lot of powerful energy work being done last week as well, so at least some part was me picking up on that, too.

Now, today, the field feels different. There is a heaviness hanging half-way in the air, on the outskirts of my awareness. Yes, it is strange to put it that way, but it's also exactly what I'm sensing.

This heaviness is not a negativ one, at least not now. Not anymore. It used to be, I think, and so if your perception of the last week included a lot of heaviness, then likelyhood is that's what you've been tuning into.

But now, to my sense, it doesn't have that much of a direct effect on the field anymore. It's still there, yes. But it's in the process of being extracted. Again the best way I can put it.

And that is a great thing. On the one hand.

On the other hand, every time something is extracted ~ pushed out ~ realigned ~ resolved, there is a space opening in the field that will bring things to light. It will ripple through the field, affecting all beings, but so many won't have a clue (and might even search for the solution to their sudden symptoms, afflictions in pills or wine or social media).

I don't think we have the luxury of being unaware any longer. The luxury of ignoring what is moving. At least not if we're being genuine about our journey towards soul realisation and ascension.

So what I'm sensing here is that with the extraction of the heaviness from the field, some long buried shit will get pulled up. And that might be personal, but I don't think it will be, not primarily. This feels bigger picture. This is something that affects all ~ something that has been carefully, deliberately hidden is coming to light. Undeniably.

It will have strong effects on all. Like earthquakes shaking the land, humans' understanding of self and reality will get shaken up.

This is not a prediction, by the way. I'm not claiming some Big Secret, some Big Truth will be revealed (thereby proving all those who have been laughed at and ridiculed before right).

All I'm saying is that my sense of the enegry field seems to be pointing in that direction.

I am as curious about this as you might be. So I will sit here, hold the energy, watch what is moving and keep feeling into the field.

However, if you have any information on what my sense of the field might crystallise into in the 3D, I'd love to hear about it!

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