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energy work

energy work ~ how to respond to what's going on in the energy field

energy work

Knowing what is going on in the energy field is useful. It helps when things are challening and tough for no readily discernable reason. Yet kowing what is going on is only one step. Knowing how to deal with what is going on, how to respond and work with it is the other ~ and probably more important.

So here are some thoughts on how to respond to what is currently going on in the energy field.

Basically, there are two movements/changes that are affecting humanity strongly right now:

ONE, the deep, fundamental shifts to the reality construct, which affect the emotional, mental and spiritual planes, and

TWO, the hightened solar activity, which primarily seems to affect the physical.

So let's look at how we individually can respond to those shifts.

ONE ~ shifts to reality

  • meditate, meditate, meditate ~ it is the best way for allowing the psyche to adjust to those changes

  • work to be open to change in your life ~ not just on the mental plane, but on the emotional plane as well; if there is fear? work with it!

  • allow grief ~ there is deep healing happening in the field, and that comes with a lot of grief; the more you can allow and express that, the better

  • be prepared to allow relationships to change ~ that's a big one right now! partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues ~ all relationships have the potential to require changes

TWO ~ increased solar activity

  • diet I: the less meat/dairy you consume, the better your body will be able to cope with these energies

  • diet II: protein over carbohydrates ~ again a question of supporting the physical body in being able to deal with the energies

  • diet III: with all of that, make sure to include dense foods such as potatoes, chickpeas, tahini in your diet to keep you grounded

  • gentle exercise I: work the physical body! build up flexibility and strength ~ 15 minutes 3-4 times a week or 5 minutes each morning is enough

  • gentle exercise II: if you feel to, include deep conscious body work like Qi Gong or Tai Chi or Openhand Soulmotion

  • gentle exercise III: walks in nature

  • cold showers/cold plunges: work up to at least three minutes in cold water ~ and then watch how the body-mind responds ...

So these are some suggestions for what you, personally, can do to help you navigate our changing times.

And if you would like some support beyond that, I am here to support you through the shift. That's my purpose. ❤️

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