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base chakra challenges for starsouls

base chakra challenges for starsouls & empaths


base chakra activating

I've just come off a retreat where it's been highlighted, yet again, just how challenging it is for beings of starsoul origin to even feel the base chakra

I can empathise with that. It's challenging, and can be even painful.


It's now more important than ever that all those who feel they are starsouls to really, really, really work on grounding and embodying their energies

You are needed. Your energy is needed. Gaia needs you and your support to move forward in the shift, to the highest benefit of all.

Yes, bringing your energy down and fully embodying it is going to feel weird at first, or off, or strange.

That is likely due to you adjusting to the density of the first chakra. As a starsoul, you're more familiar with ~ and comfortable in ~ the higher, faster, lighter vibrations.

And so the lower, slower, denser vibration of the base chakra can feel wrong


If you are a starsoul, your mission on this planet is to embody your energy

And that means not simply chilling in the higher vibrations

That means bringing ALL OF YOU all the way DOWN and EMBODY

How can it be done?

First, accept that it will not feel light and sweet, not at first.

Second, begin working on bringing your energy into the base. Breath is a great way ~ as you exhale, breathe through the body, all the way down to the bottom of your spine

It doesn't matter whether you feel anything in particular there, not at first. Simply breathe down.

Hold your attention at the bottom of the spine. Work to do so as often as possible throughout the day.

You might feel reluctant to fully embody, for fear losing that beautiful, higher connection.

From my own experience, that may at first even seem true


The more you embody your unique frequency, the more enhanced the higher vibrations become. Clearer, more powerful, and the very thing most people are looking for ~ fulfilling.

Yes, it can be hard and challenging, painful and frightening

Still ~ that isn't a reason to turn back. Keep going ~ and life will be magical beyond compare ...

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Thanks for this confirmation🙏

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Glad to have been able to offer this to you. 🪷

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