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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

One of the things I felt to introduce to this blog is the “Energy update”, an exploration and review of what is and has been moving in the energy field. I’ve been including this in my (kind of) monthly newsletter. But, you know, things are sometimes developing and changing so fast that a once-a-month exploration is falling sadly short of fully delving into what is going on in the field.

Hence, this Energy update which right now I’d like to explore on a weekly basis.

To start us off, though, let’s look back at the last three months, the first quarter of 2023. I don’t know about you, but my life has certainly been pretty turbulent. With lots of changes, unexpected twists and turns, and challenges galore.

Looking at things from a bigger picture, a global angle, I feel safe to say that it hasn’t just been me. Look at what has already happened in this year! Massiv earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, deluge after deluge with cyclone Gabrielle on top in the north of New Zealand, floodings in California, cyclone Freddy, the “most energetic cyclone” ever ravaging parts of Africa, massive Corona Mass Ejections on the sun which, if they had happened facing the Earth, would have instantly demolished the electrical grid, and that is probably only the tip of the ice berg and I have missed other goings-on elsewhere on the globe.

One could very reasonably start wondering just what the heck is going on. And haven’t the last years been enough?

Friends, I believe it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning. Why I believe it’s safe to say and why I believe it’s only the beginning?

Because I can feel it. I can feel the increasing intensity in the energy field. The ramping up. Things moving and changing and shifter faster and faster.

This, my friends, is the ascension. The shift into 5d. The thing we’ve been waiting for. It is happening. Here. Now.

So these natural disasters in the macrocosm as well as the personal disasters in the microcosm are signs of the shift happening.

Why and how so?

Well, let’s contemplate the ascension for a while. What does it actually mean?

Of course, I can only share my own perspective, and it might mean something else entirely for you. That’s okay! We each have our own truth. So let me share mine.

The ascension. To me, the ascension is a massive gateway. A confluence of events that in the external presents as destruction. It’s an unwinding of a reality construct and, on a soul level, an unravelling out of it.

That was never going to be easy.

But more, ascension to me speaks of a change in frequence. Moving to a higher frequency. This, I believe, is a view I share with many people. However, few seem to have explored what “moving to a higher frequency” actually means.

Right now, we are - most of us are - living in a 3d reality construct. Our pyhsical bodies vibrate at a 3d frequenc.

Moving from 3d to 5d is an icnredible increase in the sheer speed of frequency, the speed of vibration.

And the 3d construct cannot hold the 5d energy. It’s simply not been designed for that. It’s not its job!

Attempting to truly hold 5d energy in a 3d vehicle is ... well, from my own experience it is impossible. It’s moving so fast, after a while your cells begin to feel as if they are about to explode. The edges of your body begin to smudge and then melt. Like candlewax! No, I am not exaggerating.

To put it on words that might be more familiar, it’s like powering a flashlight with a nuke.


And that’s why all the challenges, globally and personally, why the destruction, why the disasters. Because the energy is speeding up. This Earth is speeding up and beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. Right now, she is still holding the energy, as best as she can, to give us the time to unwind through this shift on our own journeys. But her cells are beginning to feel as if they are about to explode - and we get earthquakes, volcanic activities, floods, and other natural disasters.

As the shit speeds up and this planet is vibrating faster, the reality construct will begin to unravel further. By that I mean society, yes. All of it, the financial system, the health care system, what have you. Because these are constructs of the old reality we are leaving behind. So they must break. And they will.

Now, that might all sound pretty terrifying to you. I get scared, too! The important thing is not to go tight and to cling onto the old. Now is the time to truly work to unravel out, to let go. To not let fear define you, but to remember who you truly are.

Soul. Free-flowing consciousness.

Ready to embark on the next great adventure.

This is the ascension, my friends. This is the 5d shift. We’re seeing and feeling and experiencing it happening, right now.

And that’s what I would say has been going on - and becoming abundantly clear - in the first quarter of 2023.

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