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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

It’s been a really intense week, energy wise. A lot of density becoming active in the field, and at the same time, strong unravellings - changes - happening. If you’ve been feeling stuck and very heavy, or else all over the place and upside-down ... yes, it’s likely caused by the energies of the field right now.

Not that this is particularly suprising, for both this time of year and the progression of the shift. Whether you wish to call it the Easter energies or the energy of the first full moon of spring (in the northern hemisphere) - energetically speaking, this is a time of change, of transformation.

Maybe even transmutation.

Though yes, last week was particularly intense. From what I’ve seen, we’ve had some particularly strong solar activieties on top, so. Exciting times!

More than ever, I feel, we are invited to step forward. Into the torus, into our own inner journey and inner work and inner unravelling. There is a sense almost of urgecy, these days. For people to step up - and by that I mean actually, really step up.

We are so very used to sitting and waiting, maybe complaining or posting online about our grievances. We compare trauma and our struggles and feel we’ve done the work.

And get a tons of likes on social media, too, to make the ego feel awesome and accomplished.

But friends, that is not stepping up. That is barely even the first step into the shadow.

Stepping up means to commit. To go all in. And then to keep going, especially when the going gets tough. When it’s painful. When it feels as if it’s too much to hold.

That’s the place you need to be, because that’s the place where you transform - where you explode the myth of identity, of limitation.

Where you begin to remember who you are. Where you begin to see, step by step, moment by moment, breakthrough by breakthrough a bigger picture - a deeper truth - something so utterly magnificent that it cannot be put into words.

That is what we are called to step up to.

Are you listening?

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