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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

If the last few weeks have been of increasing intensity in the field - well, this one feels different. How are you experiencing it?

To me, there is a great heaviness in the field. Something weighted. It is not a benevolent thing. It is akin to a huge metal ball, taking up space and preventing movement.

Or trying to, at least.

Over the last few days, there has also been increased activity on the mental plane. Intrusive thoughts, thought loops, the whole shebang.

These things are not unconnected, I do not feel so.

How can heaviness be connected to increased activity?

Well, the heaviness slows the natural flow, the universal torus down (or, again, tries to). Once that is becoming slower and slower, connection to higher dimensions becomes more subtle - and the lower dimensions the more noticeable. And if you are not conscious 24/7, that will be made use of by those trying to slow down the natural flow.

And the way those like to work is through the mind.

If you are distracted by the thoughts running wild, you are less likely to notice what is going on. In general, but also in your own field.

What can be done?

This is a challenging situation, because the moment you fight the thoughts - you give energy where, I would assume, you don’t want to.

Do not engage. At all. If you are unused to being the observer, do not even try to oberserve.

They will draw you in, trap you in the loops.

Work around.

Let you consciousness settle and focus on other things, sensations, experiences than the mind. Such as any grounding techniques you know. These work well for me:

  • walking barefoot (even if only indoors, it helps; outdoors, on stone or grass or sand, is better)

  • standing on earth

  • being conscious in food preparation

  • simple chores around the home/garden

  • three-minute cold showers (yes, I know, I don’t like them, either, but they work!)

Once you are grounded - once your consciousness isn’t actively being pulled onto the mental plane - meditation helps a good deal. To connect inside of you with your sense of self, the frequency of your soul. And also to connect upward, into higher dimensions and higher frequencies.

The energy trying to trap you on the mental plane cannot go higher, in vibration, than the heart chakra. So work on the higher chakras, to open and expand and connect in and through them, and then bring that vibration down through the body into the base chakra. Feel yourself embody that.

They have nothing to hold up against the pure power of you soul’s vibration. Nothing.

Give it a try, and see what changes.

I can promise you that things will change. In your own field - and in the wider field as well.

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