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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

Hello, my fellow cosmic traveller. How are you doing in these getting-more-interesting-by-the-day times?

For to my sense, they are. Intensity in the field spiked over the last week. You might have had some real breakthroughs, big realisations, and moments of connectedness and expansion. Alternatively, things might have seemed even harder, darker, and more blocked and stagnant than before.

So what is going on there?

To me, there are now two are major things happening in the field:

One, there is still the sense of breaking going on. Shattering, really, in some places. Now that might seem abstract, and you might wonder what I am talking about, as there does not seem to be reflections (yet) in the external world. Let me see if I can find words to get a little closer.

Our reality is a construct, an energetic construct that was put in place and has been maintained ever since by a confluence of different energies. Among those the architects of the construct. And they have been breaking away, have been realigning. These days, more and more groups do so, and with them breaking away, the construct becomes less and less rigid and “solid”, if you want.

And so, as the flow picks up, it starts breaking apart, breaking down.

That means our reality construct is breaking apart.

As it was meant to.

And you may not be consciously aware of it, yet, but on some level, the soul knows. So that is something that you, your consciousness, and your soul have to deal with, work through, and equalise with.

The second major thing I am picking up from the field is an emergence. With the construct weakening, aligned forces and energies can come in - or up.

Now, I’ve only recently spent time in red dragon country, and I felt it there - upwelling, rising. Powerful and aligned. Breathtaking - and painful.

Painful because this upwelling is hitting old blockages, not just in each of us, but in the field. And if you are even a little tuned into the field, that can be painful. Physically, or mentally, or energetically. Stay with it, if you feel it, and allow the dragon to rise inside and unravel what needs to be unravelled.

You wouldn’t feel it if you couldn’t do it.

So, how do the things I mentioned in the beginning, the “symptoms” relate?

Well, if you were having breakthroughs, you and your path are aligned with the upwelling and the torus. Keep attuning, keep working, you are doing great.

If you were experiencing the opposite, tightness, pain, or blockages, the upwelling is showing you where your next breakthrough is waiting to happen. Tune into yourself and ask to be shown what needs to be worked on now.

And if you’d like support in that, I am only a click away. :-)

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