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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

It has been an amzing - and amazingly intense - two weeks. At least for me. So here is a little recap of how I experienced the field and what my sense is of where things are now.

On May 19, the first of the portal days, I began my journey to Cae Mabon in Wales for the Divinicus retreat. It was a long journey: drive to the airport, flight, Tube through London, train travel, and finally pick-up by car. Long and exhausting, and it also taught me a lot about the impact the density of spaces like airports and train stations has on a being’s field.

If you are one of the sensitives, my invitation would be to pay really close attention to what is happening in your field the next time you are in one of those spaces. Or, really, your local supermarket. It can be highly illuminating.

But back to the field energies of that week, from May 19 to May 26. I will probably drop the word “intense” from these updates, as by now I feel that this goes without saying.

The most prominent theme for me during that week was one of breaking. Shattering old, crusted patterns of thought and behaviour. A breaking of shackles, so that the soul can infuse and express more freely. It was stunning to watch in the participants - beyond intense to work with - and, to my sense, the natural, actual expression of the energies of the portal days.

So you might have experienced a lot of emotion being stirred up. Grief, maybe guilt, or shame. You might have experienced a sudden flare-up of (mysterious) physical symptoms. You might have been feeling heavy, as if you are walking through molasses.

All of these I have heard from people, friends and clients, after returning from Divinicus. And I would say, these experiences are the symptoms of the energy of portal days - and also an excellent mirror of where you are on your spiritual journey and what you are invited to work with.

So that then takes us into this week. Where my sense was of a slowing down, resettling after the portal days. Certainly for me personally it has been a few days of working to find my feet again on ground that has shifted.

In a nutshell, that’s my sense of the field in this week, and it’s been mirrored to me again by friends and clients: it’s the picking up of pieces.

Though not in order to put them back together, the same they were before. The old is broken irretrievably - our invitation is now to find where we stand, how we stand, how we express from here.

What our orientation is.

Because I am feeling it with ever increasing urgency: if your orientation is still towards some kind of outcome in the 3D - a better job, more money, a partner, achieving dreams even - what is coming will likely see you suffer greatly.

What else can there be?

Your orientation could be towards aligning with the shift. It could be towards supporting the shift. And yes, that could still mean growing a successfull business! But your focus, your intention, if you want, is not on the successfull business - it’s on serving the shift.

And that, to my sense, is a much more sustainable orientation. Because if that’s your focus, all the world can burn down around you - you will still be flowing with the shift.


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