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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

My last update was a while ago, I am well aware of it. And the field has changed pretty strongly since then at least twice. In a short recap, first it went into a feeling sense that was not quite heaviness and not quite density, either. It felt to me like moving through molasses.

Very slow, retarding even, maybe. That was three weeks ago.

Then a sudden shift and breakthrough. For me it happened in the solar plexus, on the plane of mind. A sudden yet not shocking opening and expansion. It felt pretty soft to me. And it rippled out into the field for days afterwards, sweet and beautiful. That was two weeks ago.

And then of course the energy started building for Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit that took place form August 04 to August 07. A powerful summit that shifted something pretty fundamental in me ~ and I was one of the facilitators, not even a participant, so I was less immersed in the transformative alchemy of the event but holding the energy for the participants.

We had three CMEs heading towards Earth during the summit. Which was then followed by the 08/08 Lion's gate.

Powerfully transformative times.

So what is my sense of the field right now?

It is something that the mind struggles to comprehend, because what I am sensing is quiet and peace. This is not reflected in the external world so much, no. Nevertheless, as I tune in, that is what echoes back.

True, there are interruptions, disturbances in the field as well. A good deal of them.

And yet. They are so small, nothing but buzzing insects against a peace as vast as the bright blue sky. Healing is happening. Reconciliation. Reconnection.

There is joy in the field that is moving me to tears.

There are strong twin flame reflections for me happening right now, too, which speaks of a deeper embodiment and a stronger connection with the non-manifest parts of soul.

There is more to come for sure. More on all planes of experience. If you are ready, willing to let go and tune in ... yeah, there is a sense of euphoria waiting for you.

How you look wil decide what you see. That is a line of the song "White Canvas" by A-ha. And to me, it fits perfectly in this situation right now: depending on how you look/sense/orient yourself, you will see either only the disturbance of the buzzing insects ~ or beyond to the peace and euphoria.

What is your orientation?

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