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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

It’s been another really intense week, energy wise. I’m beginning to feel, though, that we have now definitely reached the point where this goes without saying. Energies are intense all the time; there is a lot going on in the energy field, on all levels, things are being stirred up, and we find ourselves challenged all the time.

What might need saying, however, is something that I have observed in clients, friends on the spiritual path, and also in myself on occasion. And that is a mindset that goes something like, “Yes, this is challenging, but if I grit my teeth now and simply power on, or switch off and go numb, I will make it to the other end, and once things are normal again, I will be fine.”

Have you oberseved this or something similar in yourself as well?

Because, friends, from my perspective and my understanding of what is going on - the way things are right now is normal. This is our “new normal”. I do not think that things will go back to how they felt or were at any point. They cannot go back. The shift has progresssed way too far, things have changed far too much for this reality to be able to go back to how things were.

We are now invited to find new ways of navigating these changed waters.

That being said, to my mind, there was indeed an added reason for the intensity of last week - and intensity that will likely continue for ... a good while, too. And that reason is something that fills me with a deep, incredibly joy:

Something utterly profound is happening in the energy field.

Something utterly fundamental in the energy field of our reality construct is not only changing, but transforming.

Something that was very solid and rigid and controlling, something unmoving that blocked a lot of movement and connections into the higher dimensions - is transforming.

As I tune in, I can feel it softening. Opening. A new light is coming in. An entirely new vibration. To my senses it feels as if something entirely new is being born.

And that is incredible, that is so far beyond any words I could put to it - it moves me to tears with its beauty.

Something very old, very ancient is healing. And through their healing - opening the field, opening the channels, for more light to come in, higher vibrations to come in.

I am grateful to have been part of that journey.

To those in the field, thank you for your courage and bravery, for stepping up and stepping in. You are seen and acknowledged. Your journey is honoured. Your continuing journey is celebrated.

We are so very glad for you to join us.

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