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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

Hello, I am back with another energy update. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly intense - on multiple levels, too - so there wasn’t a space for me to take a moment, tune in, and write up my feeling sense of the movements. Today a little space opened unexpectedly, and really, this is one example of “If I keep waiting until things are calmer, I’ll be waiting for a long damn time.”

So I will sit with what is moving, hold it - and then write an energy udate after all.

What has been going on? So much! We had the 05-05 portal day with intense energies, followed by a somewhat flattening CME on May 08. If you’ve been feeling tired, drained, headachy or otherwise impaired around that date: that was probably due to the influx of energies from our friendly neighbourhood star, the sun.

Of course, things continued to be intense over last week. At least to my sense. Which might have been because on some level I was tuning into the Openhand Divinicus. For everyone unfamiliar with Openhand and their work: the Divinicus is the level 3 course, the most intense, the most transformative of their courses - and a dozen people sitting in that kind of energy field, at that level, with that kind of intensity ...

Well, of course that is going to have an effect. It felt a little like the distant rumbling of a thunderstorm to me: definitely present and affecting me, but I’m not getting rained on (just yet).

Still, it was in the field, it was affecting the field, and my sense is that we are going to feel the repercussions of that for a while. Because even if you aren’t working directly with the energyfield itself and “only” on your own stuff - you are part of the whole, so you are affecting the whole.

And on that note, I feel to say this:

Friends, buckle up. Seriously. Prepare yourself, your soul, for some turbulences ahead. Because they are coming. In more than one way ...

This morning, the information reached me that there is another portal day coming up. Or rather, a series of days. Running from May 19 to May 28.

On May 19 also starts the second Openhand Divinicus course, this one on location in Wales. It runs until the 26th.

So. Portal days, with their influx of energies, that will affect all on this planet. Plus high level energy work undertaken by a group of experienced cosmic travellers in a high energy location ...

Be ready for a bumpy ride.

And if you’d like, tune into our work at the Divinicus on the Openhand web!

(Open usually runs a journal of some kind, for people to tune in to the work. Often, there are pictures. You might even catch yours truly at work, because she is joining the team as suppport faciliator.)

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