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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

take a moment to close your eyes and simply breathe. feel the position of your hands and feet. tune into your surroundings: what are you sitting on, how does the space around you sound and smell and feel.

and now allow consciousness to extend beyond that, in a reaching out sense or a stepping-to-the-side sense. now you are tuning into the energy field.

what do you feel?

I am experiencing a strong, powerful sense of humming, a vibration. It is close, energetically speaking, and very present. And loud. It is not reaching out or attempting to connect. (Yet.) It is simply there.

It is a presence, that much I am aware of. A being, or a group of beings. They are here to convey a message. That is my sense. What this message is, I am not sure yet. I know it will become clear in due time.

This presence has been active in the field for pretty much the entire week, starting last Sunday. It is coming closer, energetically speaking. Louder. It is becoming difficult to set aside to navigate the 3D. I know I can do it, I am not afraid. It’s simply not very pleasant.

I know why it is there now, why it has come now. The energy is building up for the Openhand Facilitator Summer School in Avebury, UK next week. I will be connecting through zoom and holding the zoom space for other participants as well. My sense is, that’s why that presence is there.

Since it is very strong and affecting me a good deal, I am sure it is affecting other sensitives/empaths as well. So, if you’ve been dealing with 

  • inexplicable headaches

  • a ringing in your ears (or one even louder than usual)

  • you’re feeling disorientated at times

  • your short-term memory is shot

  • the world around you feels strange, sometimes unreal OR

  • you feel strange, sometimes unreal, disconnected, floaty ...

Then there is a high chance you are tuning into that presence as well.

Keep breathing. It’s nothing bad, merely powerful. Work to be as present in the moment, in the breathing as possible. Ground yourself several times per day.

You can do it. Stay with it.

It will be processed in the upcoming week. ❤️

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