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the magic of following your soul

Updated: Jan 5

When the soul speaks, listen. Sometimes it's the quietest, most subtle little whisper at the back of your consciousness. And so it can be hard to hear. Still when it speaks: listen.

Listen even if you're busy elsewhere. You heard the whisper in the first place, so it's important. Listen.

Listen especially if you're busy with something else. This is your soul speaking. There is nothing more important than what it has to say.

Listen. What is it telling you?

You may not be best pleased with what you're hearing. You may feel resistance to following it's guidance. Still, this is your soul speaking to you. The truest, most authentic part of you.

What stops you from listening, following, being that most authentic part of yourself?

Only the false self. The illusion of safety and control. The limiting, derailing, self-defeating confines of your comfort zone.

Yes, it can be hard. Yes, it can be a challenge.

Do it anyway.

And then watch the magic happen.

Now this may sound like a bit of spiritual baloney to you. The kind of thing you read and nod at, but then go on thinking that this is something that happens to others who are already enlightened or something that only applies to the Big Stuff.

But I'm actually speaking from my own, personal experience here ~ and also from the place of knowing that the Big Stuff is in the small things. The everyday things. The blink-and-you-might-miss it moments.

In less abstract terms, soul was speaking to me yesterday to go out. Get on the train and explore this picturesque, old town only 5 minutes away. And yes, the false self had all kinds of counter-arguments, about how nice and cozy the bed was and how it was Sunday and isn't Sunday the day of rest, the day to be nice to myself and not force myself into doing things?

But the soul kept whispering. So I packed up my stuff and left, went to the station and got on the train.

Once I arrived in that little town, the false self had subsided, fascinatingly, and the flow of simply going was much easier to follow. No sub-routines in the back of my mind questioning everything all the time. Just ... moving. Just flowing.

And that flow took me to the most magical place imaginable. There I was, strolling along a wide, gravelled path through the park, already noticing that something was coming up ahead, the path changing its shape. And I stepped past a bush, the path widened into a little plaza kind of thing and ~ wow. The energy in that space!


I was drawn straight across the place to the flowerbed in the middle, and as I came closer I saw there was a fountain at the top. Fountains always draw me, I moved closer.

the green man

First, I noticed the horns. The spirals, and then also the ones spreading to both sides. And I knew, instantly, I was connecting with an elemental. That was represented by that fountain head.

I walked closer and saw that there were actual stepping stones through the flower bed so you could get really close to the fountain. I walked along and as I crouched down before the fountain, I realised that what I'd taken for stylised eyes were actually eyebrows and the green man had real eyes.

The feeling of connecting with something immensely beautiful and soft and gentle and healing got even stronger.

I sat there for a while. Simply feeling into the energies. The bushes to my right rustled; there was a noise that sounded almost as if the pipes were about to start running water. They didn't, and I realised a lot later that this must have been a squirrel announcing its presence.

I sat there until a family walked into the space, then made my way out of the flower bed and sat down on a bench in the sunshine.

Just sat there, breathing, feeling the energy.

After a while the thought surfaced to take off my shoes. And there were all these thoughts speaking against it ~ how it's such a hassle, to take shoes and socks off and then put them on again; what people might think. And so on.

I did it anyway. Just took shoes and socks off, put my feet on the ground. Sat there, breathing, in the sunshine, revelling in the energy.

A squirrel clambered down one tree, hopped across the grass ~ hop, hop ~ and skittered up the next tree.

A little later, I was beginning to feel drawn to get up and walk across the grass towards the little pond.

(What will people think if they see you walking barefoot across the grass?, screamed the mind. I did it anyway.)

And I stayed there for a while. Took some photos, filmed somed video. Just let myself slow down, stand barefoot on the grass and the earth. Let the peace soak into me.

When it became cooler, I walked back, put my shoes back on, and returned to the fountain. Connected with the being again. Let myself melt into this beautiful, healing energy.

And gave deep, heartfelt thanks to the gift I'd been given. This blessing.

There is nothing in the 3D that can compare to that. Nothing.

And that, dear reader, is what can happen when you follow the soul. ❤️

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