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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

Have you been feeling a little woozy and/or out of it the last week or weeks? Or perhaps heavy and dense? Dimished or disconnected or plasticy or controlled?

If so, take a deep breath and stop beating yourself up. This isn’t you being incapable or not spiritual enough or not tuned in enough. This is you becoming aware of the influence of the next layer of density in the field that is being incovered.

We speak a lot about the incoming higher energies. Of ascension energy and the love wave, even.

What I don’t often see addressed is that with the influx of these higher, lighter, and faster vibrating energies - and the unravelling of density - and the healing of old wounds -, deeper and denser and more controlling layers of density in the field can, will, and do become apparent.

Basically, this is my sense of the field right now. One controlling energy was able to heal, shift, and ascend. Now that their layer was peeled off - we come into direct contact with what was underneath that.

An even deeper, more ingrained, and even less human(e) layer of control.

It has always been there. It is only now that it is becoming apparent. It is only now that we notice.

That is a good thing.

Not easy, not pretty, and if you allow it, pretty scary. Still a good thing. Because awareness of it is the first step to break that energy’s control over you.

Being conscious of it - conscious in it - will shatter that energy’s influence on you.

How do you do that, then?

Through breathwork. Truely, that is the absolut best way I have found of dealing with it.

Breathwork, and consciousness of your own vibration, how it feels like inside of you. So that you can begin to tell the difference between you and that energy, between the authentic you and the influence.

If you are a little unsure about what kind of breathwork, here is a quick explanation of how I do it:

I start breathing from the back of the throat - in through the nose, out through the mouth, with my attention on the feeling in the throat, where the breath flows.

Once it is beginning to feel (or even look) lighter, I begin breathing from the throat up, expanding the light. First into the third eye, and once that has lightened and expanded, up into the crown chakra. And once that has lightened and expanded, into the eighth chakra above the crown.

Once I begin to really feel it, feel the lightness and expansion, I imagine myself sitting in a sphere and on the exhale, breathe from the eighth chakra along the inside of the sphere down to the base. From there up again, through the core of myself, to the eighth chakra.

And down again.

I do this as often as necessary to feel centred, grounded, and like my true self again.

In that way, you are moving consciousness through your entire being and energy field.

Claiming your field as your own. No other, misaligned energies can remain in this space.

If what I am sharing resonates, give it a try.

If it resonates but you cannot see your way forward, get in touch with me. It is part of my own journey to support others in their self-realisation.

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