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energy update

what is going on in the energy field ~ a perspective

energy update

Good morning, gentle reader. I am back from the Openhand Avebury Facilitator Conference, and after five days of processing feeling ready to - at least attempt to - put what has been moving and shifting energetically into words.

Starting with a short overview of the Avebury Facilitator Conference itself. So, from July 10 to July 16, a group of Openhanders gathered in the Avebury region, and then connected through zoom with people in Europe, America, India, and Australia. Under the theme of “the unravelling flow”, we practiced one-to-one facilitation - and then took out into the field, to apply those skills there as well.

And so a lot was moved and shifted during that week. A lot. Mainly along the lines of reconciliation and healing of ancient wounds. Through the group, we were able to connect with a number of beings in higher dimensions, of the Old Annunaki, and facilitated their shift towards reconciliation and healing.

That alone was a massive bit of energy work, that to my sense is still rippling through the field.

There were other beings that the group connected with as well, monstly of what we would call “the intervention”. The important thing to remember when working with intervention energies is not to demonise them; make them the Bad Guys. They have a role to play, too, they have their own journey. We were able to facilitate some realignment there, too - or in one case, a removal.

So that’s the conference in very broad strokes.

The effects?

First, the healing of ancient wounds shifted things on the plane of emotions. If those have been challenging for you over the last two weeks, if relationships are challenging or old stuff has popped back up again - that might be the reasion.

Clearing the plane of emotions of some distortions and convolutions enables Gaia’s kundalini energy to rise into and through that layer, as well.

Yes, the torus is speeding up even further. The energy is rising even stronger. This is your chance, your invitation to work with it.

Second, facilitating a shift in the 4D intervention opened that layer up - not a lot, there is still more to be done, but it is softening. And that means that higher dimensional energies can come through a little more easily.

If you are open to them, and receptive.

Those energies of Andromeda, of Lyra, of the Arctureans and the Pleiadeans coming in is hugely beneficial to the shift and the ascension process. They can help smooth things for those that are incarnated on this planet. They can help make things a little less challenging and ease some of the suffering.

So them being able to come in a little more easily is fantastic.

Now it’s up to all the lightworkers on this planet to anchor these energies. And we do that by tuning in, connecting with these star being nations - and then embodying the energies in ourselves.

And that brings us into this week, and what my sense is of what is going on in the field right now.

To me, the changes of last week are still rippling out, and the echos have begun to come back as well. A lot has been stirred up, like sediment at the bottom of a river, and a lot is moving which, yes, makes things ... interesting right now.

Change takes time. Healing takes time. But! There is an amazing opening and softening through the heart. There is a new gentleness and strenght in the sacrum, the plane of emotions. There is a lot of activity on the plane of the third eye.

So, what does that mean on a personal level?

For one thing, it is highly likely and absolutely okay if things are feeling dense or intense. If there is a sense of confusion, maybe loss or of being lost. If relationships are suddenly pushing buttons and if there is a whole lot of turmoil on the emotional plane.

Let yourself feel. Express what you are feeling in the way that feels aligned to you. Honour yourself and your emotions. Honour yourself and the challenges you are facing.

Work with what is coming up. Find somebody who you can work with, a shaman, a life coach, an Openhand facilitator, and begin your own journey of reconciliation and healing.

On the other hand, you might be really tuning into the higher dimensional frequencies - the joy, lightness, and wisdom of the Pleiadeans, the clarity, focus, and inquiring mind of the Andromedans, the more-than-speed-of-light fastness, humour, and savvyness of the Arcturians (oh, they are laughing at me now!), or the high frequency of alchemy and transformation of the Lyrans. If you are? Feel it! Embody it! You are the bridge they need to reach our reality and help transform it.

That is why they are here. That is their sacred mission, their soul journey of evolution. Their fulfillment.

And they are all of them so very grateful for each one of us who are incarnate who reach out and connect.

That is the message that wanted to be conveyed.

And that is, just about, my sense of what is currently going on in the energy field. 

I am very well aware this is only a snapshot, a fraction of it all. That is okay. This is what I need to be aware of.

And you, who reads this, as well.

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